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My Work


Tattoos by
Donny Lobisomem

Specializing in single needle, portraits, cultural, and otaku.

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Upcoming Guest Spots

Every now and then I need a change of scenery.

Why not bless some people with some work as I go, right?

Below you'll find out when I come to your city and how long.

Think I should check yours out?

Contact me.

Locations coming soon..

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The Artist

Studying art since 12 years old. With techniques stemming from Anime and Gaming Influences like Tite Kubo, Akira Toriyama, Kazuto Nakazawa, Tetsuya Nomura and many others. Donny has made his own way. Soon after graduating Military School he then took up realism and studied further into Warrior cultures and Black Artist like Miyah Bailey, Grime, Kevin Williams and others to bring his own uniqueness to the tattoo industry.



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