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Booking is simple

(if you make it)

Below is a detailed explanation on how to book me via email.

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Tattoo Machines

Booking Process

How to book

(Please READ carefully)

  • Please send any references you have of what it is you'd like tattooed. Along with any details on anything you'd like to add to it.

  • Send a picture if the area you'd like the tattoo to be in as well.

  • You must put an accurate size in inches for the tattoo as well. That means Length and Width, pictures alone won't tell me how big you want the tattoo to be.

  • Lastly, put a budget that you have in mind for the piece. Pricing for all tattoos are negotiable.

(Please note that this is how it will be done if you do not schedule a in-person consultation. And that depending on how detailed you are in the email a in-person consultation may be mandatory. No worries, they are free)

To start the booking process fill in the form below

Approximate Size

Thanks for submitting!

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